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Hosted by The Beagle Club of NSW Inc.
to be held at Easter 2016

We welcome any members who would like to be a part of the Sub-committee.

All contact to the Hon. Secretary (Leanne Duval)


National Sub-committee Position Holders

Chairperson : Carol Boulton
Secretary : Leanne Duval
Treasurer : Trevor White
Fundraising : Sub-committee
Publicity : Jacqui Dahl
Venue/Accommodation : Sub-committee
Welcome Bags : Leanne Duval
Sponsorship : Christophe Duval
Trophy Stewards : Leanne Duval
Show Secretary : Jacqui Dahl
Show Manager : Craig Rossiter
Committee Members  
Sydney Region Carol Boulton
  Sue Bownds
  Jacqui Dahl
  Leanne Duval
  Christophe Duval
  Grant Gibson
  Gwenda Golding
  Anne Martin
  Brian Martin
  Trevor White
Newcastle Craig Rossiter
Northern Tablelands Megan Flemming
ACT Robyn O'Keefe
  Paul Orman

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