McIlwaine Park to Yaralla Bay, Canada Bay Council

Report 20 Mar 2005

The Sydney Sniffers tried a walk near Yaralla House last year but unfortunately the weather was wet and so we humans didn't really enjoy it. This time, the weather was fine, and to add a little extra interest this time we started our walk toward Yaralla House from a different direction.

Yaralla House is a historic building on the grounds of the large Yaralla Estate, Sydney. It's significance from a canine point of view is that (currently) it's a large, green lead-free area. A great opportunity for beagles (whose owners let them off-lead) to follow their noses as they wish. For beagles who remained on-lead during the walk, there was of course still plenty to sniff as most of the walk was along either grassy areas or some slightly muddy tracks.

About 21 people and 18 beagles met for this walk starting from McIlwaine Park, Concord West. We began by following the Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway, built in memory of veterans of the Kokoda campaign during World War II. We then passed through Rhodes Park, near Concord Hospital, and walked along some of the coast track running along the Parramatta River before arriving at Yaralla House.

We then wandered cross-country back toward Rhodes Park where we stopped at a cafe for a snack and drink. After refreshments, we set off again along the Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway to an open area where we stopped for some photographs. Then it was a short walk back to McIlwaine Park.

This was a really enjoyable walk, and it was particularly notable because it was proposed by one of regular Sydney Sniffers. Many thanks. One of the best ways for the club's Walks Coordinator to find out about walks is to be told by another enthusiastic walker. If you would like to suggest a walk in your local area, why not let me know about it and I'll add it to my list.

Looking forward to seeing you at our next walk.

Thanks to the (unknown) walker who sent these photos.